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Gathering signatures to get on the ballot!

Since announcing my switch to Criminal Court #11, I have been busy attending Republican events, meeting voters, and gathering signatures on petitions to get on the Republican Primary ballot. The deadline is fast approaching, so I am busy on the campaign trail before the holiday season kicks into full gear!
Immediately after filing, I headed to Cy-Fair Republican Women lunch & style show to begin gathering signatures on my petitions. At the Cy-Fair Republican Women's event, I met an amazing artist, Grant Manier, and purchased one of his original collage pieces.
On the eve before Election Day, I volunteered with the Houston Young Republicans to phone bank and connect to other Republican voters at party headquarters. I attended my home club lunch meeting with the Northwest Forest Republican Women with Ed Emmett as the guest speaker.
At the weekly lunch meeting with Greater Houston Pachyderm club, I heard Ed Emmett speak for a second time, and his words about Republicans supporting one another instead of eating our own hit home for me, a newbie to politics. At the Kingwood Republican Women's club luncheon, I was honored to meet Rickey Morlen and hear him speak about the V.A. Hospital and the wonderful services it provides.

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