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Early Voting Begins in 8 days!

Early voting is around the corner, and I have focused my schedule on meeting as many voters as possible to spread the word about my campaign. For those of you I have not met, I want to give you some insight as to why I am the right choice to be the next Judge of Criminal Court at Law #11.

My career is focused on work as a court-appointed lawyer. I became a lawyer so that I could help people, and that is what I do in the criminal justice arena in Harris County misdemeanor and district (felony) courts and in the Southern District of Texas (federal court). I have practiced in counties across Southeast Texas and truly handled over 3,000 cases ranging from misdemeanors to felonies to federal cases.

I have original ideas to improve the efficiency of this particular misdemeanor court. In my job as an advocate, I listen to the stories my client has to tell and also review and evaluate the evidence in each case to counsel my client about their case options. These skills as an advocate will transition well to serving as a judge because it is important that judges listen, review authority cited by the parties, and follow the law in rulings.

I am disappointed that I have not received the endorsements of "independent" Republican organizations or the Houston Chronicle, but there is a silver lining. I have been endorsed by many precinct chairs and bar associations, and these are extremely valuable. Most precinct chairs are very involved, attending meetings and truly researching the candidates running. Bar associations are composed of members who practice in the court system, just like I do, so to have their support shows that I truly know the system and have the experience needed to improve it and effect positive change.

I'm glad I lost out on the endorsements that must be bought. Many of these Republican organizations/PACs accept money for advertisements or political contributions from candidates in exchange for an endorsement. I did not play by these rules in my campaign, nor did I pay-to-play for an endorsement from the so-called "Big 3" mailers. I've run my campaign with honor and integrity and am proud of the path I have chosen. I'm too conservative for the Houston Chronicle and have refused to buy support from Republican PACs and frequent mailers.

Please review my website and choose me with your vote to be the next Judge of Criminal Court #11.

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